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16.11.2018 - 21:00

Dan Zelisko

A fusion of blues, folk and rock yet also with a spice of jazz and ethnic rhythms.

Moody, original songs, full of bluesy feeling make you experience a whole spectrum of emotions, from shivering to rocking joyfully as you let yourself go to the rhythm and harmony.

Dan Zelisko - a polish musician, based in Majorca, Spain for the last 20 years. His music sung in English, Polish, Spanish and Catalonian crosses styles to deliver an emotional mix, where you can find some echos of the slavian folklore, delta blues melodies, ethnic rhytms and jazzy groove execution. 

Since beginnings of this project in 2013, Dan Zelisko and the band played around 100 gigs in numerous venues or festivals in Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera), as well as around Spain, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Poland or France getting a very warm reception from the audience who describes it as an original and usual combination of sounds and genres.

He’s an active member of the local scene in Majorca, having funded Món De Sons - a series of concerts promoting independent and world music artists and also has been colaborating with a number of local and international artists as a guest musician, producer or composer.