Open Mic Night


Brilliant new talents entertained us again on Sunday Night. Ever heard a young boy singing Reggae with a voice like Joe Cocker accompanied by a great fiddler? Martin and Maria (see below) did it. We were amazed by the energy these two down-to-earth characters developed on stage.

Hard Rock a la Alter Bridge - Lionhart interpreted songs full of passion for our cozy pub surroundings. They only needed their voices and two guitars for it. "Falling slowly", soundtrack of the movie "Once", we enjoyed twice last night: Tina and Simon then Florian Hammer delivered versions that touched our hearts. And here's a hint: Gregor & Friends will be back on St. Patrick's Friday 18th - with bagpipe, fiddles, flutes and Irish music. Come and enjoy! Many thanx also to Kristof, Patrizia and Frenchman Kiri for joining in. Hope to see you all again!