Pub Quizzz


Dear Friends of useless and useful Knowledge,

Congratulations to the winners of our League:  "Ban Smoking in Pubs"  "Ignorance is Strength!", first loser was a team called “Warriors of Wisdom” and third spot was claimed by “Victoria’s Secret”! But see for yourself on our league table below.

Our new League starts on the 12th of June, don’t Forget to book a table (, if you haven't already. Our quizzzmistress tries to post our very, very Special Music-selection for our Pub-quizzz on our Facebook-page.

We wish you good luck and good knowledge for the next season starting June 12th!

Your Quiz-Mistress,


Rules are as follows:
Maximum number of players per team: 6
Usage of cell phone or other electronic devices is forbidden
No conferring or swapping answers with people outside of your team.


The last Quiz of the Season, 26th of June 2017!
Jackpot 1080 Euros!


Current League Points