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Kenneth Qua Hero

Kenneth Qua

20.04.2024 21:00

From playing the streets of Singapore to performing in Boston's bars, Vienna-based singer-songwriter Kenneth Qua has pulled off quite a diverse musical apprenticeship.

Born in Singapore, his musical journey started on YouTube with acoustic covers that garnered over 430,000 views. As a singer-songwriter, Qua has written and co-produced original songs with producers from Austria, Singapore and America.

Ranging across pop, rock and R&B, his original songs have garnered over 600,000 streams globally while being featured on several Spotify editorial playlists.

Qua can be regularly seen performing in Vienna’s bars and in the U-Bahn with Wiener Linien’s U-Bahn Stars.


Express Train

Express Train

27.04.2024 21:00

Using our Latin American roots and the acoustic guitar as lead instrument, we bring a refreshing twist both to all-time greatest songs and to the latest hits.

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar - Harold Taylor (GUA)
Percussion - Alex Machado (MEX)

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