Live Music

Rock n Soul
08.10.2022 21:00

Rock n Soul

Alexander Karlin - Vocals & Guitar
Rafiq Varind - Vocals & beats

When Rock meets Soul 
It’s no diggity
No Doubt

Stuart Neville 2021 Img 6353 Kopie
15.10.2022 21:00

Stuart Neville

STUART NEVILLE (INDIE-FOLK) is a Scottish singer-songwriter based in Vienna, Austria.

A beaten-up voice and a down-tuned dreadnought guitar…beautifully crafted songwriting fuelled by the raw indie and grunge of his youth and welded together with the stories, people and travels of his life.

A vibrant and disarming live performer and an artist who loves what he does and transports it with every song

Secret Solace 1
22.10.2022 21:00

Secret Solace

Cape Town ? Vienna

Elisabeth Fangmeyer Scholz - Guitar/Lead Vocalist
Erny Hofbauer - lead Guitar/vocals
afiq Varind - Lead Vocals/Cajon fx

“One good thing about musiq when it hits you feel no pain”
Bob Marley
Secret Solace

Express Train
29.10.2022 21:00

Express Train

Using our Latin American roots and the acoustic guitar as lead instrument, we bring a refreshing twist both to all-time greatest songs and to the latest hits.

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar - Harold Taylor (GUA)
Percussion - Alex Machado (MEX)

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