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Stuart Neville 2021 Img 6353 Kopie
30.09.2023 21:00

Stuart Neville

STUART NEVILLE (INDIE-FOLK) is a Scottish singer-songwriter based in Vienna, Austria.

A beaten-up voice and a down-tuned dreadnought guitar…beautifully crafted songwriting fuelled by the raw indie and grunge of his youth and welded together with the stories, people and travels of his life.

A vibrant and disarming live performer and an artist who loves what he does and transports it with every song

Express Train
07.10.2023 21:00

Express Train

Using our Latin American roots and the acoustic guitar as lead instrument, we bring a refreshing twist both to all-time greatest songs and to the latest hits.

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar - Harold Taylor (GUA)
Percussion - Alex Machado (MEX)

14.10.2023 21:00

Rafiq Varind

Erny Hofbauer (guitar) and Georg Wielguny (keys)

Performing Artist from Southafrica with diversities of music: a mash from African traditional Music, Oldies, R&B, Pop, Soul and hip hop. Fine percussionist and phenomenal singer Rafiq gives us beautiful interpretations of chart hits from Marvin Gaye to Black Eyed Peas and James Blake.

Ayoub Houmanna
21.10.2023 21:00

Ayoub Houmanna

Singer & songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (Guitars , Gimbri, Percussions)- his music skillfully accommodates gorgeous moroccan Gnaua tradition in modern pop-rock-blues and reagge fusion context. 

Founder of The @nomadsretreat - Morocco

Ayoub instagram

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